Travel Information About Anchorage Airport Safety Measures, October 2020

 Playing It Safe At The Airport OCTOBER, 2020 REPORT FROM DENALI SUMMER TIMES/BEARFOOT There are three ways to get to Alaska from somewhere ...

 Playing It Safe At The Airport


There are three ways to get to Alaska from somewhere else:  land, sea and air. This Tourism Report addresses some of the advancements happening in safer air travel, both in Alaska and in other parts of the world.

Air travel is the key to reinstating some degree of normalcy to regular life, and to bringing in Outside tourism to Alaska.

Anchorage International Steps Up Sanitizing & Cleaning To Make Air Travel Safer

Ted Stevens International has gone all-out in addressing the issues of coronavirus. The airport is using commercial grade disinfectants on high-touch surfaces. Its restrooms are disinfected by special crews every shift – crews that  are solely dedicated to that task. Each part of the terminal is sanitized regularly, including all "high touch" areas floors, vertical surfaces and drinking fountains.

When you go into the airport you'll notice the following:

Self-Cleaning Elevator Buttons

The buttons have special disinfecting covers. 

Eland Conway, Airport Communications Manager, told us on October 21st: 

"We've done a couple of things with the elevators. All our main elevators were outfitted a month ago with ionizing air purification systems. In addition to our high-touch cleaning teams continuously making rounds wiping things down, our primary elevators in high traffic areas have self-cleaning button covers. The nano-septic button covers use the chemical process of oxidation."

Self-Cleaning Escalator Rails
The eight escalators that sweep down to baggage claim and lead to the parking rental car garages employ another form of cleaning technology: light. Eland Conway told the Bearfoot:

"At your feet underneath all of the inspection plates and protective covers there are some high intensity LED lights that emit UV-C light. You wouldn't want to look at them. The UV light is not good for your eyes. The handrail is continuously moving, just like the escalator steps. As the handrails continuously revolve they pass through that light where they’re sterilized."
Floors at the airport are cleaned with high capacity cleaners and HEPA filters.

Social Distancing & Customer Protection

Additionally, all employees who come in contact with customers must maintain a social distance of at least six feet. If that's not possible, they must use physical barriers and masks. Restaurants and bars must follow all state mandates for seating arrangements and face masks. Dining surfaces must be sanitized between customers, and all shops at the airport must offer touch less payment. 

Travel Tips From The Airport
The airport says all passengers must wear cloth face covering, wash their hands before and after security screening, carry hand sanitizing liquid (under 12 ounces), arrive at least two hours early to avoid crowding, expect longer security lines, and are urged to use the Cellphone lot.

The airport staff has been working on safety measures for months, said Eland. "We wanted to put the travelers' minds at ease." 

To see pictures of the extraordinary cleaning measures in Anchorage International bathrooms see:
Click Here For Details

Photos of Ted Stevens Airport: By Bearfoot Alaska & Denali Summer Times, October 19th, 2020.


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