Denali Entrance Area

Denali Park Entrance (Mile 237 Parks Highway) The Denali Park sign is at the start of the 15-mile long paved section of the Denali Park...

Denali Park Entrance (Mile 237 Parks Highway)

The Denali Park sign is at the start of the 15-mile long paved section of the Denali Park Road to Savage River. This is an easy place for social distancing and taking a photo of the sign. You can drive the entire 15 miles without any special permission. The following places are where you can stop along the road. There will be changes in various options in the summer of 2020.  
Denali Park Entrance

Riley Creek Campground (Mile .5 Park Road)

Half of the campground is closed due to construction in the Summer of 2020. For details on Riley Creek, see: RILEY CREEK CAMPGROUND

Riley Creek Campground


Riley Creek Mercantile (Mile .5 Park Road)

Scheduled to be open 7 am to 11 pm until September 23rd, offers groceries, shuttle bus ticket sales, campground check in. For details on any changes, see: RILEY CREEK MERCANTILE

Riley Creek Mercantile

Denali Bus Depot (Mile .75 Parks Highway)

The Denali Bus Depot is operated by a commercial company under contract with the National Park Service. Typically, both tour bus and "transit" bus tickets are purchased here at the counter, but this year sign up is online. See: DENALI BUS DEPOT

Usually the Bus Depot is the primary point of contact for getting bus tickets. This year, you'll search online.


Denali Visitor Center (Mile 1.5 Parks Road)

The Denali Visitor Center is typically the primary contact point in the Park. For this year's scheduling and changes,  see: DENALI VISITOR CENTER


Denali Dog Kennels (Mile 3.4 Park Road)

There are working sled dogs at Denali Park, and in an ordinary year, visitors go see them.  Read about them here: DENALI PARK KENNELS 

The popular dog kennels at the Park will not be open in 2020.


Savage Cabin & Trail (Mile 13 Park Road)  

A clearly-signed little walking trail, less than half a mile long, takes you to a classic Alaska log cabin. Nails poke out of the shutters to discourage bears breaking in. Pleasant place for social distancing. 

A culturally interesting and easy to access view of Alaskana.

Mountain Vista Trail (Mile 12 Park Road)

This is an easy hiking trail providing a 30-minute loop near the spot where visitors to Denali in the past used to stay while in the Park. There are interpretive signs. A pleasant afternoon trip. See the following for information on other Entrance Area Trails: MOUNTAIN VISTA/OTHER TRAILS

Very pleasant, easy walk through scenic country. One of many hiking trails in the Entrance Area.


Savage River Turnaround & Hiking Area 

Fifteen miles from the Park Entrance there's a large rock outcropping. Trails, social distancing and hiking and camping. See: SAVAGE RIVER 


Drive 15 miles on the Park Road in your own vehicle without needing a permit.


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